Kevin Buckelew, 2018
Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Northwestern University
Dissertation: “Inventing Chinese Buddhas: Identity, Authority, and Liberation in Song-Dynasty Chan Buddhism”

Luke Thompson, 2017
Dissertation: ““Returning to the Founder: Śākyamuni Devotion in Early Medieval Japan and Japanese Buddhist Conceptions of History”

Hsinyi Lin, 2017
Dissertation: "Dealing with Childbirth in Medieval Chinese Buddhism: Discourses and Practices" (2017)

Andrea Castiglioni, 2015
Shinjo Ito Postdoctoral Fellow in Japanese Buddhism, UC Berkeley
Dissertation: “Ascesis and Devotion: The Mount Yudono Cult in Early Modern Japan”

Aaron M. Rio, 2015
Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Curator of Japanese and Korean Art, Minneapolis Institute of Art
Dissertation: "Ink Painting in Medieval Kamakura"

Rafal Stepien, 2015
Assistant Professor of Asian Religions, Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies, Hampshire College
Dissertation: “The Unity Between: Ways of Saying and Silence in Buddhism and Islam”

Su Jung Kim, 2014
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Depauw University
Dissertation: “Transcending Locality, Creating Identity: Shinra Myōjin, a Korean Deity in Japan"

Hsuan-li Wang, 2014
Dissertation: "Gushan: the Formation of a Chan Lineage During the Seventeenth Century and Its Spread to Taiwan"

Neil E. McGee, 2014
Dissertation: “Questioning Convergence: Daoism in South China during the Yuan Dynasty”

Gregory Adam Scott, 2013
Lecturer in Chinese Culture and History, University of Manchester
Dissertation: “Conversion by the Book — Buddhist Print Culture in Republican China

Susan Andrews, 2013
Assistant Professor of Eastern Religions, Mount Allison University
Research areas: East Asian sacred place and pilgrimage traditions; interactions between cults dedicated to local deities and those devoted to bodhisattvas; the relationship between hagiography and landscape
Dissertation: “Mount Wutai’s 五臺山 Emergence as the Object of Regional, National, and then International Patronage between the Sixth and Twelfth Centuries”

Takuya Hino, 2012
Research areas: Pre-modern Japanese Buddhist Doctrine and History
Dissertation: “Creating Heresy: (Mis)representation, Fabrication, and the Tachikawa-ryū”

Ma Yung-fen, 2011
Research areas: Chinese Buddhism
Dissertation: “The Revival of Tiantai Buddhism in the Late Ming: On the Thought of Youxi Chuandeng (1554-1628)"