Current Graduate Students

Guy St. Amant

Kevin Buckelew
Premodern Chinese Buddhism
Dissertation: "Discerning Buddhas in China: Identity, Authority, and Liberation in Song-Dynasty (960–1279) Chan Buddhism"

Abigail MacBain

Andrew Macomber
Premodern Japanese Buddhism and medical history

David Monteleone
Central Asian Buddhism, with a focus on Khotan
Dissertation: “Visualizing Religious Networks: The Silk Legend and Proto-Buddhist Tantra in Khotanese Painting” (tentative title)

Carolyn Pang

Alessandro Poletto

Komei Sakai

Elizabeth Tinsley
Premodern Japanese Buddhism

Dessi Vendova
Indian and premodern Chinese Buddhism
Research topic: Textual and art historical research of the previous lives of the Buddha (jataka tales) and of the Buddha's biography.

Xiao Xiao