Talk on 12/4/2015: Bernard Faure, "The Buddha's Shadow: The Hidden God of Medieval Japan"

The Columbia University Buddhist Studies Seminar, the Center for Buddhism and East Asian Religion and the Columbia University Seminars would like to invite you to the following talk:





A Talk by Bernard Faure (Columbia University)

Time: Friday, December 4th, 2015, 6 PM

Place: Columbia University, Faculty House* (room TBA)

Abstract: The medieval period in Japan is usually characterized by the emergence of new schools (Zen, Pure Land, Nichiren) of Buddhism and of Shintō nativism. Yet it also saw the rise of a new type of deity called kōjin (wild or raging god) that blurs the traditional distinction between gods and demons, but also between buddhas and kami. These ambivalent deities are often defined as “gods or demons of obstacles” (that is, gods who can either cause or remove obstacles of all kinds). For that reason, they all rule over human destinies. This talk will focus on one of them, who could perhaps be seen as their prototype, and whose name is, precisely, Kōjin.

 * Room will be announced additionally. Or on the day of the talk please check room assignment on the digital board in the Faculty House entrance lobby. 

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